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Arwen and Nemirel dress


Some weeks ago I went to Berlin to meet some friends and do a Shooting with them. Petra was to wear my Arwen Cranberry dress and Julia wanted to be part of the shooting, too. Petra took care of a photographer and a visa and she made great choices! So many thanks to all of you, it was a great day!

I made a new dress for Julia and she just looked stunning, as well as Petra in the Arwen Cranberry dress.

Julias dress is three part, a long sleeved underdress with back lacing and a train, a cloak style dress on top and a matching belt. The underdress and the belt are from soft, unbleached bourette silk. They are both embroidered with light blue cotton thread. The cloak is made from a light blue cotton velvet. It is made to look like leaves but together with a split skirt in leaf shape and split sleeves. It is closed in front with a light blue cord tipped with silver casings. The cloak is embroidered with swirls of white.

Don’t they look great together? I was thinking along the lines of Arwen and her daughter. What comes to your mind?

Foto: Jörg Merlin Noack
Model: Petra Feilen and Julia Schmidt
Visa: Fiona Freund
Assistance: Kamila Szwejk

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